The Northwest Pole Company

The Northwest Pole Company is a family operated business with over 30 years in the timber management industry.  We carefully select our materials from small diameter thinning  projects in and around Medford Oregon.  At the foundation of our thru-tenon construction is the native Douglas Fir tree.  This native tree from the Rogue Valley has a tight grain, rich color and durability unmatched by others.  Whether you enjoy the hand peeled rustic appearance or the smooth sanded surface, you can be certain that our furniture will stand the test of time.  

All of the lumber used in our furniture is milled by us on our portable sawmill.  We have a selection of pine, cedar, walnut, poplar, maple and more.  Our patented thru-tenon joint ensures a solid construction.  Unlike metal or screw designs, our thru-tenon design is built with durability to last through generations.

You choose your design and we can create it!  We stand behind all of our products and are proud to say 100% made in and from the USA.​

Timber management meets creativity